Stop Losing Money Like the Rest of the Madness Bettors, Learn Profitable Betting Tips & Strategies that the Professionals Use to Win Money During March Madness


frankbenjamin-originalI’m Frank Benjmain and I have been betting since my early days of college. Back then, I had no betting sense and lost a lot of money because of it. Over the years, I have been blessed to make many connections in the betting world and have learned some valuable tips and strategies. It is these tips and strategies that has allowed me to go from a losing gambler to a successful & profitable sports bettor.

It has been almost 10 years since I first wrote my betting guide, The Bettor’s Guide to Sports Investing. This guide was my first attempt at educating the betting public with betting principles that you can use to decrease your risk while increasing your odds at being successful and profiting by betting on sports.

While that guide was a general introduction into the world of sports betting, I have longed to design guides for specific sports and events. Today you have a chance to receive the exact knowledge that I have learned from many betting professionals I have met over the years and increase your odds odds when betting this years March Madness. 

Successful March Madness Betting Is About Recognizing Profitable Spots & Match Ups
& Using Profitable Tips and Strategies


Video 1: Sportsbooks & Line Movements

We will first talk about Sportsbooks and Line Moves. To get the best line for your position, you really need more than sportsbook. This also helps you track line movement, which can really help you understand what the oddsmakers are thinking.

Video 2: Team History & Match Ups

Many times how a team performs entering the tournament has a lot to do with how they will perform during the tournament. In this video, I different angles such as At Large Bids, Conference Champions and the David vs Goliath Match Ups.

Video 3:Filling Out Your Brackets & Betting

Let’s not forget about filling out our brackets. In this video you will find some handicapping tips that will help you fill out your brackets and how your brackets can help your handicapping in later rounds of the Men’s NCAA Tournament.

Video 4: Summary & More Betting Tips

I’m going to put it all together and highlight some of the biggest tips for betting March Madness in the final video. I am also going to talk about finding valuable betting opportunities on games outside of the NCAA Tournament.

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